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  • There is an untold amount of planning that goes into a luxurious wedding these days. It's no surprise if, at first, you find yourself more than a bit overwhelmed with all of the decisions that your wedding day has put before you. We have encountered a lot of weddings during our time in business, and we've asked our resident experts just what process you'll best benefit from in making your dream wedding day a reality. The easiest solution is to hire a wedding coordinator. If you are a do it yourself kinda person, this guide is for you!

    The first big decision lies in the date you choose for your big day. You'll want your decision to be based around a number of factors. First of those is the comfort of you, your wedding party, and your guests. Typically spring and fall offer the most comfortable temperatures in our part of the country. However, when picking a date during these perennially favorite "wedding season" times of year, you'll have to bear in mind that you will be paying a premium for services that are being rendered. This is typical in an industry that faces maximum demand during the traditionally peak times of wedding season. If budget is not your primary concern, picking a date during these times of year will offer the potential for the most comfort where the dead of winter or summer will increase the likelihood of a more extreme temperature.

    Once you have a date figured out, many couples will then work to secure the venue. Before we get to that, we'd like to suggest for the artistic folks out there... That you may want to consider finding your wedding photographer first thing after securing your date. Why? Well, we'll get to that later on. If photography is not set at a premium commodity on your list, then definitely go about finding your venue as soon as you've figured out the date for your wedding. There are many many choices for venues out there. Churches are still popular for the ceremony. Other people gravitate toward parks, golf courses, and other venues based in nature. Another option for you and your significant other is to have your ceremony and reception all in one convenient place like a reception hall. Most halls will be happy to accommodate this. If you decide to go this route, just keep in mind that this option does not always provide the most aesthetically pleasing ceremony photos due to the inherent restrictions of an "all in one" solution. Due to the diverse nature of both people and locations, the perfect choice for you is not the same as anyone else. Most important is that you're happy with your choice, and that it is a decision that personifies who you are.

    Don't forget food and drink when considering your venue or venues for the day. If you're not booking with a hall that caters, you will definitely want to find a caterer who can provide the all important dinner for your day. If you wish to provide drinks to your guests, also make sure that your choice also has a liquor license to legally provide the adult beverages that are typically popular for weddings. Also, consider now what kind of cake you are getting. Like the rest of the decisions here, it is purely up to personal taste (no pun intended). The biggest differentiation in cake styles is in the frosting. Fondant or buttercream. Fondant offers a multitude more when it comes to styling. However, there are many people out there who highly prefer the taste and texture of buttercream. Personally, we enjoy the taste of buttercream. But, in our day we've seen some magnificently artistic fondant frosting creations. So this is a decision based on taste and substance. You'll want to go out and see which works out best for you!

    Now, lets go back to how you would like to document your day. If you are a motion picture kinda person, definitely look into a videographer who can encapsulate your day in motion. Many video production companies out there also have photographers on staff if a convenient solution is something you would be interested in. However, if you are preferential to having still captures of the day, you will want to figure out which photographer will be your companion for your big day. Whichever route you choose, just keep in mind that your photographs and/or video will be the one lasting memento of your unforgettable day. So, you will wish to choose carefully. There are different styles, and finding a style that captures your day in the way you would like to document it, is important. If you prefer a more documentary approach, there are many documentary or, photo-journalistic wedding photographers in our area and in the country. Or, if you are seeking more posed and hands on wedding photography, you will want to seek out a more traditional wedding photographer. If you are wishing for a more "dreamy" encapsulation of your day, you'll want to direct your search to "artistic" wedding photographers. There are many who fall within a special niche, and many more who will incorporate styles from all three. Lastly, you definitely want to be sure whomever you hire is a great match for your personality. This may be the most important aspect! Be sure to meet in person, and do your best to involve them in the planning process so that there's no doubt.

    Once you've figured out the above, don't discount the importance of entertainment. This can be a make or break decision when it comes to the success of your reception. If your DJ is not a great emcee also, you may find that the dance floor will be empty and that your guests leave earlier than you'd like. Be sure your DJ has a lively personality and a resume of successful weddings in their portfolio that can help ensure that your reception is a smashing hit when all is said and done.

    Decor is also a very important decision. For this, you'll be served well by finding a florist that is able to provide the artistry required to put together fantastic bouquets, boutonnieres, floral accents for the ceremony, and perhaps centerpieces for the reception location. This is purely a personal choice that you'll want to base around cost, aesthetics, and general personal taste. Keep in mind that you will face increased costs if you are hoping for out of season or, rare flowers for your decor.

    This is the basic "get your wedding started" information. Of course, you'll also need to find a dress and figure out what style of tuxedo/suits that the groom and groomsmen will be wearing. However, that is such a personal taste preference, there's really not much we can suggest here other than finding a bridal salon that offers a wide variety, get your maid of honor and any family or friends together, and go out into the city and try on some dresses!

    Whatever choices you make, be sure that your choices exemplify who you are! Also, keep in mind that Limo Memphis would love to provide convenient and comfortable luxury transportation for your wedding. We are Memphis' experts in world class luxury and would be honored to be a part of your day.